Sport Photography

High Class Sports Photography is a love of ours. We enjoy it immensely and that shows in the images we create for our clients.

Sport Photography by Thompson Gale, London

For Sports Photography to work it has to capture the moment. The goal scored; the race won; the trophy lifted; the effort made; the sport at rest. At Thompson Gale Photography we have covered everything from world-class sporting events to school football matches.

To us it important to capture the glorious – or even the inglorious – moment in a way that conveys not just the occasion but also the emotion. Knowing where to be and what to look for is an art that takes years to master. But that is exactly what we have been doing with Sport Photography for two decades. If you’ve ever tried to take pictures of your son in a football match and been hugely disappointed with the results you’ll already know how difficult it is not just to capture the moment but also the elation. That’s what we do.

Our Sport Photography is in big demand, so if you have a sporting occasion you want us to cover do please try to give us as much notice as possible. But you never know. Even at the last minute we may be able to help, so do get in touch.

Sport Photography Images