Portrait & Celebrity Photography

Outstanding Portarit and Celebrity Photography from Thompson Gale Photography, London

Portrait & Celebrity Photography from London Photographers

It made sense for us to put Celebrity and Portrait Photography together under one heading. To all intents and purposes they are the same thing.

Portrait Photography covers such a wide range of styles it’s very hard to generalise, but whatever the style we are sure we can achieve what you want. Whether it be the traditional studio family portrait with a studio backdrop or ‘Paparazzi-Style’ set of images of you or your loved ones we we are happy to oblige.

As with all photography commissions it’s vital for us to get to know you – at least a little – to understand what you are trying to create. You may not even have considered anything other than the standard portrait photography that families commission every day. But often a less formal – and even completely informal – portrait captures far more about the subject than any studio artifice ever could.

But we will be guided by you, and whatever you want us to do is OK with us. Portraits are so personal that although we will guide and advise we will never try to impose our tastes on what should be your creation. But we will use our skills to create the very best images in the style you want.

Just call us to discuss.

Portrait and Celebrity Photography By Thompson Gale