Tinchy Stryder – by THE London Music Photographer!

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Tynchy Strider photgraphed by Thompson Gale almost a year ago

Tinchy Strider photographed by Thompson Gale almost a year ago

Thompson Gale Photography was in at the beginning with UK Rapper Tinchy Stryder, taking the first pictures.

I was watching MTV only yesterday and yet again UK rapper Tinchy Stryder. He has gained some momentum recently. Just shows you how quickly the music business moves. It was only ten months ago when myself and Alex Chandon directed a video for an unknown artist called ‘3face’ and one of the featured artists in the video called ‘different world’ was Tinchy.

Correct me if I am wrong but I was under the impression at the time that he was relatively unknown other than in the ‘grime scene’ as they call it, but he was talented no doubt and seems to have changed his tack with great success. This just goes to show you that thinking outside the box a positive mind and some sensible strategy works a treat (and of course he had the foresight to have Thompson Gale create some images!)

He has found a position in the market and has grabbed it with both hands. I personally find his laid back minimalist approach very understated and because of this he is ‘Cool’. I am sure this is why he has become so appealing and in turn has opened himself up to a wider audience than that of some of the other ‘In yer Face’ artists.

But I suppose its horses for courses. I think he has a good future ahead. Anyway have a look at him in our video below.


3Face 7 Tynchy Strider Video