Photographic Documentary

Photographic Documentary on video and still from Thompson Gale London

Photographic Documentary from Thompson Gale

In many ways Photographic Documentary overlaps with Events Photography. Both are about chronicling a series of events for commercial use or posterity. But Documentary work is much more focused.

Whereas an Event Photography commission will be about a random set of images to cover an event, Documentary Photography (and film- we do both) is about telling a story. It’s the story part that makes it a documentary, and is often used to show in a compelling and interesting way how an ‘End’ is achieved. That can be a production process for a manufacturer; the sequence of events that lead to a new production; the rehearsals and final showing of a play or whatever subject you need. The extent is only limited by your – and our – imagination.

So whatever you want to document please call us to discuss. With so much experience in encapsulating the progress of a work from inception to completion we can advise on the best starting point; the best ‘Style’ to achieve your aims and the best route to take – film or still – which is not always dependent on budget.

Documentary Photography from Thompson Gale in London