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Photography Shop at Thompson Gale London

Images say so much, and there are so many ways to use them. We’ve been asked if we will allow our images to be used in so many ways we thought it would be a good idea to offer the favourite ways from some of our favourite image.

So we’ve put together a set of images that can be made in to a number of products. But if you see any other image on our site you like – or would like to commission an image from us – do please get in touch.

Canvas Prints from Photographs

art-b-2-copyAlthough our images are stunning, sometimes they can be even more striking when turned in to a canvas.

Our suppliers have this off to a fine art and can produce our high quality images as a canvas at almost any size you wish.

Just contact us and let us know which image you would like to use, which size and how many you want and we’ll get it done.

Framed Prints from Thomson Gale Photography.

mother-earth-a-2A framed print can make a wonderful work of art. Although we tend to think of all our images as works of art, when framed and printed on a high gloss art paper they do look magnificent.

Whether you want just one image – at most sizes – or you are an interior decorator who is inspired by out work, just get in touch and let us know what you want.

Photographic Posters

fashion-a-18Much of our work lends itself to poster printing. Our poster printing service is available from all our images plus from any image you already have or would like to commission.

Sizes are anything from a modest A3 right up to A0. In fact, our poster printers are now able to produce almost unlimited sized images which can even be used as street banners.

Let us know what you want.